toki! this is my site on the web (it's held up by tape and bad code)

if you see this, the code i stole from motan is broken

Hello! my name is Arthur (pronounced /artur/) but you should can call me rvtar (colon three) i made this because why not

heres some info for you:

these things are very pogchamp to me:

i currently speak:

Here's some stuff i'm working on/worked on:

click here for random (and probably useless) knowledge!

anyways, this website is a work in progress, so i'll update it whenever i remind myself to (and whenever i get better at html and web design lmao)

btw, here's some of my favorite characters (my blorbos if you may) (i hc them all as asexual because i can :)) (click image for who's who)

here are some frens!

First Planet From the Sun behold! the mu-niverse! tabbutton come to the wormliest place in the world, kulupu ko's website!

here's my button if you want it btw:

click me for silly website lmao

Also, behold the circles!: it has people in it :)

sike pona